Now on Kickstarter: Trace of Human art zine and drawings

There is a land where peculiar and enchanting creatures and plants reside. The land is called Curiosity Woods.  In this project, I am exploring the area in Curiosity Woods which goes by the name of Trace of Human. You’ll see flowers with bulbs instead of buds, a bear with a soft teddy head and water in a melon.

Map of the Curiosity Woods

I like to create artwork on paper with different medium and this series of fine pencil drawings of Trace of Human present plenty of playful, enchanting and interesting images. These queer and eccentric beings imply the relationship between human and nature as well the impact of human activities on environment. I took days to execute a drawing by generating an idea and finish it with patience.

Trace of Human art zine will consist of about 30 pages, with an image each page that goes with one or two descriptive lines. The booklet will come in A5 size (210 x 148cm) and black and white. For making zine, my signature in every drawings (see images below) will be removed while they will remain in the digital art print and of course, the original artworks.

Pledging with rewards starting from AU$ 5 (USD$ 3.5), click to see more details on Kickstarter.

Curiosity Woods as a major project of mine will be developed and expanded in the future and Trace of Human marks an interesting start (= I will explore the other areas of the imaginary landscapes in the future 🙂 ). This is my second Kickstarter project and first one is here.


In Trace of Human, every drawing suggests an influence of human touch on the nature:

About Kickstater

Most important notice: Please note that you won’t be charged at the moment you pledge, you will only be charged when the project reaches its goal when the campaign ends. More about backing project at Kickstarter view here.


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