The Barter Project (article)

I looked at the three brushes in my hand. Natsumi said, these brushes were from her grandpa. Her grandpa liked to create poetry, write calligraphy and make painting when he was alive. By passing down his brushes, he hoped that the young generation would carry on his spirit and will in creation.

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City in the Darkness

City in the Darkness, ink on paper, 28 x 29 cm, 2017. (Sengawa, Tokyo)

*This work is part of The Barter Project taken place in Tokyo.

The Barter Project invites you to exchange a work of art by the artist with any item. Yi Pei welcomes you to view and reserve the artwork you are interested in and meet up with him to exchange it with an item you select. With the story embedded in Yi Pei’s art-making as well as the story brought by you alongside your item, the Barter Project encourages a reciprocal act that aims to facilitate a conversation.

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