LOH Yi Pei (Yi Pei Loh/卢育培), currently based in home country Malaysia, completed Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in Beijing Tsinghua University and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master degree in Art Curatorship. While exploring various drawing and painting media on paper, his creation has been primarily focuses on black and white artwork with Chinese ink and pencil.

Yi Pei is interested in depicting transformed and twisted nature, common places as well as daily objects. His works reflect the intervention of imagination into everyday experience, creating an alternative appearance of reality that is thought-provoking. Illustrating imaginary landscapes, fairy tales and fictional objects, Yi Pei expresses the relationship between human and nature, the artificial and the organic, at the same time explores human feelings and emotions.  

Yi Pei’s pencil work sees juxtaposition of irrelevant subjects or reconstructed subjects executed in realistic style. Often regarded as unconventional and quirky, his landscape art in Chinese ink painting suggests an influence of watercolour technique and Modernism. Having said, he enjoys playing with other medium and working on realistic art occasionally.

Project in Summary

Yi Pei has hosted a few projects in the past few years, including solo shows Oily Records, Moving Landscapes, Curiosity Wood, Fictional Days (2018, 2019), Stroll, Stop and Stare and residency project Barter Project. He also did illustration for a booklet International: Melbourne and a poetry Human, Nature and I. Each project is treated as a picture book that tells his daily experience and imagination. He also accepts art commission and illustration job, please contact if you have any questions. In addition, he has published two fictions (written in Chinese) for young adults with Adventurez Book, Malaysia.

Artist CV

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