Yi Pei Loh explores a range of artistic styles and expression to tell stories visually. Imaginary cityscapes, fairy tales and fictional landscapes are his subject matters. Strangeness, playfulness and dark humour are his elements. Through depictions of the unreal, he explores real feelings and emotions. He invites viewers to place themselves in his enchanting landscapes and generate their own stories.

#Melbourne Artist  #Malaysian Artist

Lohyipei.com serves as a database of Yi Pei’s works, categorised under different projects and art media. He hosted a few projects in the past few years, including solo shows Oily Records, Moving Landscapes, Curiosity Wood, Fictional Days (2018, 2019) and residency project Barter Project. Each exhibition is treated as a picture book that tells his daily experience and imagination. As a writer, Yi Pei has published two fictions (written in Chinese) for young adults with Adventurez Book, Malaysia.

LOH Yi Pei (Yi Pei Loh/卢育培), originally from Malaysia and based in Melbourne now, completed Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in Beijing Tsinghua University and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master degree in Art Curatorship. 

You can find Yi Pei’s art in this catalogue. Feel free to contact if you have any questions, thank you!

Yi Pei’s CV



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