The Factory (5 Images)


The noise of pressing machine. The scent of olive oil. The repetition of bottling, capping and sticking labels. The scary cracking sound of (me) breaking a new cap. Those days in the factory…

*I am revisiting my first solo exhibition “Oily Records” (2015) and rearranging the images at*

Oily Records is a series of artworks inspired by the experience of staying with a kiwi family in an olive grove in Hoteo North, Auckland. I worked as a helper in the grove and olive factory for 6 months. These artworks are made on olive-oil-filtered papers that were utilised in olive oil manufacturing process. These papers, dried and reused, offer an interesting natural background colour along with a unique smell. The reuse of oil filter papers was intended to imply the connection between human activities and the nature, as well as culture and environment.

#watercolor #watercolour #gouache #landscape #nature #olive #factory #recycle #blackandwhite #byn #illustration #graphic #design #contemporaryart #Modern #paper #original #artwork #visualart #artist #Auckland #Malaysianartist

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