Riding the Tandem Bike


Riding the Tandem Bike, watercolour on paper, 28.5 x 40.7 cm, 2018. (Melbourne, Australia) The Good Room gallery

Illustration (2/3, see 1/3 & 3/3) for the publication International: Melbourne.

The work illustrates an individual who is cycling alone came across a group of characters who are travelling together on their tandem bike. It shows the contrast between being alone and being part of a group. I got this picture (Riding the Tandem Bike) in my mind when I read Pasha’s saying that she felt alone in class. Hopefully all of us can find our “tandem-bike-partners” no matter where we are.

“International: Melbourne incorporates the perspectives of 14 international students as they grapple with the confusing, the disappointing and the promising elements of Australian culture….This project has been developed by Masters in Art Curatorship students at The University of Melbourne in partnership with The Good Room Brunswick East- The Founding Archive and ACP Projects.” (quote)



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