Harvest Days (5 images)


We laid the nets around the trees. The nets were extended as long as possible in between trees. We brought down olives by using the harvesters which looked like giant forks that shook automatically. Olives would fly down blindly and hit on my face, dropped into my boots and sometimes into my gloves (don’t know how it happened). We transferred the olives from the nets into the baskets and lastly they would be sent to the factory for cold-press.

*I am revisiting my first solo exhibition “Oily Records” (2015) and rearranging the images at lohyipei.com*

Oily Records is a series of artworks inspired by the experience of staying with a kiwi family in an olive grove in Hoteo North, Auckland. I worked as a helper in the grove and olive factory for 6 months. These artworks are made on olive-oil-filtered papers that were utilised in olive oil manufacturing process. These papers, dried and reused, offer an interesting natural background colour along with a unique smell. The reuse of oil filter papers was intended to imply the connection between human activities and the nature, as well as culture and environment.

#watercolor #landscape #nature #grove #harvest #tree #recycle #colour #blackandwhite #byn #illustration #graphic #contemporaryart #paper #original #artwork #visualart #artist #Auckland #Malaysianartist

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